New study examines harvester point of view on fishing access

A team of researchers and practitioners collaborated to better understand the needs of Indigenous and non-Indigenous commercial harvesters and their communities…READ MORE

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Fisheries for Communities conducted a survey of all 2020 BC MLA candidates to determine whether they would support  BC seafood and fish harvesters, and coastal communities in their platform. A total of 48 MLA candidates responded to survey questions, and statements were given by the NDP, BC Liberal, Libertarian, and Green party. READ MORE


We want a BC Government that recognizes the importance of local wild seafood, supports our fish harvesters and coastal communities. Please share this message and video. WATCH THE VIDEO.

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Active B.C. fishermen have established a series of COVID-19 protocols to protect rural coastal communities, First Nations, and fish harvesters from the novel coronavirus. Fishermen understand the vulnerability of remote communities and are taking extraordinary measures to protect these communities…READ MORE


The two-day Fisheries for Communities Gathering 2.0 brought together over 120 individuals from diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous fish harvesters, academics, NGOs, industry associations, First Nations leaders, provincial and federal government officials, and policy experts to discuss the issues, share experiences, and explore change needed to revitalize our coast…READ MORE


The video synopsis of the Fisheries for Communities Gathering in Nanaimo on Feb. 10-11 2020. The Gathering included expert panels and round-table discussions allowing participants to review new research findings and express concerns and desired outcomes. Attendees agreed that government action and follow-through on fisheries issues are desperately needed…WATCH THE VIDEO

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On February 10 and 11, BC fish harvesters from Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, academics, NGOs, industry associations, First Nations leaders, local, provincial and federal governments, and policymakers gathered in Nanaimo for the second Fisheries for Communities Gathering READ MORE


The Fisheries for Communities Gathering, held in Vancouver on February 23 2018, brought together over 120 people and was one of the largest gathering of fish harvesters and fisheries related organizations seen since the 1990s… READ MORE


The Canadian government, which is mandated to manage marine resources and fisheries on behalf of all Canadians, measures its success largely against two variables — conservation and economic growth…READ MORE


Often the role commercial fishing plays in communities is poorly documented; this is the case in Canada’s Pacific North Coast. In order to have effective management and planning processes, it is essential for decision-makers to understand….READ MORE


The commercial fishery has received a fundamental restructuring, not just a reduction in size and strength. Access to local resources is moving into fewer and fewer hands. Attempts to make fisheries safer…READ MORE


The BC Wild Salmon Advisory Committee (WSAC) examined the same issues and their 2019 report called for significant policy and program initiatives by the BC government to improve socio-economic outcomes from BC fisheries…READ MORE


During its consideration of Bill C-68, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans heard contrasting testimony on the impacts of Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO) current management…READ MORE


An academic thesis by Danielle Edwards, from the University of British Columbia, addresses questions on the social and economic outcomes of an Individual Transferable Quota fishery. The dissertation provides…..READ MORE


The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters presents its findings from consultations in BC, revealing findings that the BC fishery is not seeing labour growth compared to other fishing regions. The presentation suggests….READ MORE


Individual transferable quotas (ITQs) are being promoted as a panacea for global fisheries. However, analysis of BC fisheries raises serious questions about this new economic approach. It’s time to rethink how ITQs…READ MORE


BC Fisheries are under threat by policies that do not consider social and economic objectives of fisheries and instead enable private investors and large companies to purchase, own and lease local fishing rights…READ MORE