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The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans’ decision to close 60% of the salmon fisheries in BC came as a sudden and devastating blow for the harvesters who depend on fishing salmon every year, and for BC residents who want to maintain access to local seafood. While we can all agree that our salmon are in trouble and need our protection, it’s also critical that we . . .


  • EAT WILD: Support harvesters who are on the water harvesting salmon responsibly and sustainably. Only the most robust runs in BC are open, so a wild BC salmon is a sustainably caught salmon.


  • CONSERVE: The federal government needs to focus on effectively addressing climate change and habitat loss to protect our salmon. Reducing the commercial fishing effort is not an effective conservation strategy. We need to see more. 


  • DEMAND TRANSPARENCY: The timing and lack of transparency in this decision was hugely detrimental to salmon harvesters. DFO needs to be more transparent in its decision making and salmon harvesters need immediate support.


How you can help.

Sign this petition: Protect BC salmon petition (UFAWU-Unifor)


Want to learn more? 

This page contains resources on various aspects of the salmon fishery to help you better understand why our salmon are in danger, what the science recommends we do to protect them, and how governments have failed in their duty to take firm action to conserve and restore salmon populations and the communities and ecosystems that depend on this keystone species.